RVMIRKIT Reversing Kit

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The RVMIRKIT is a replacement mirror with monitor integrated and a miniature reversing camera complete with cables and ready to install.


The mirror suits many common vehicles with a windscreen mounted mirror including: Toyota, Mazda, Isuzu, Honda, Ford etc. and has a "keystone" style mount. Other mounts are used so it is important that this is checked before purchasing.



The existing rear vision mirror is removed and the replacement with LCD display is then mounted and the wiring harness run across the headling, down the A pillar and connected to the vehicle electrical system with power from ignition/accessory.
If a suitable circuit cannot be found, use the RunSwitch to provide a separate power circuit.

The miniature camera is mounted in a suitable position at the rear and will need to get power from the reversing lamps or from another, suitable source. 
Miniature camera

The video cable will need to be run up to the monitor connection and should be suitably protected from any potential damage.
When the camera receives power and turns on, the monitor will detect this automatically and also turn on the LCD display.

Please note that all auto electrical work should only be carried out by competent workers as incorrect connections can cause serious problems or damage.


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RunSwitch RunSwitch
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RCA adaptor for use with 4 pin cables
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