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The Chipatronic CH-HPC1WD programmable high resolution caravan camera with AHD or CVBS signal and PAL or NTSC TV format is one of the most advanced caravan camera available in Australia.
This camera can work with the latest, high-resolution AHD monitors for superior image quality or it can be re-programmed to suit standard Composite Video (CVBS) systems including older monitors or in-dash displays.

AHD supplies better quality video than traditional composite but requires a compatible display and depending on your requirements, this may not always be possible as in-dash displays do not have this capability as yet. To change the CH-HPC1WD to composite mode requires a programming change which must be done before shipping and at the same time the TV format should also be set to either PAL or NTSC. If you are unsure we recommend using NTSC as this is what most in-dash systems would use.

If you have existing vehicle cameras connected to the same display and are not sure of the format, you should consult with a professional before proceeding.


This is a surface mounted camera so the cable will need to go through the outer wall of the van usually. If this is not suitable, please use the CH-HPC1MB camera which is bracket mounted.

Black camera is available if required, CH-HPC1BD is identical except for the housing colour.

The standard lens used in the CH-HPC1BD and CH-HPC1WD provides a wide angle view which is suitable for reversing and basic rear vision but when a caravan camera is required for full-time rear vision and the driver whishes to see the following traffic as clearly as possible, a narrower angle lens (50 - 60 degree) is required and for this the CH-HPC1BD-50 or CH-HPC1WD-50 should be used.
The difference in view can be seen below with the narrow angle camera providing the driver with a much clearer view of the area 10 - 15m behind which is where following traffic will normally be while the wider angle camera shows the area more immediately behind.


In both cases the quality of vision will be best when used in AHD mode with a compatible monitor.

If you wish to upgrade an existing caravan camera system to get the benefits of AHD, this can be done in most cases by changing the camera and monitor as the existing cabling should be sufficient.
Please see the HCMKIT2 for a standard camera and monitor package.

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Product no. Lens Status Price
CH-HPC1WD-50 Narrow
$185.00 *
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CH-HPC1WD-120 Wide
$185.00 *
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CL-15MA Extension Cable CL-15MA Extension Cable
Camera Extension Cable 15m
$53.43 *
Delivery weight: 600 g
CL-7MA Extension Cable CL-7MA Extension Cable
Camera Extension Cable 7.5m
$36.00 *
Delivery weight: 400 g
CH-5PC15M Caravan Cable Assembly CH-5PC15M Caravan Cable Assembly
Caravan Connection Cable 15m
$67.57 *
Delivery weight: 0.7 kg
CH-5PC7F Car Cable Assembly CH-5PC7F Car Cable Assembly
Car Connection Cable for Caravan Camera
$59.71 *

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