CH-RVMAHD73H Clip-on Mirror/Monitor

CH-RVMAHD73H Clip-on Mirror/Monitor

Product no.: CH-RVMAHD73H

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The CH-RVMAHD73H is a high resolution, dual mode, clip-on mirror/monitor with 7" LCD which is ideal for use with caravan camera systems.
With 2 standard 4 pin AV inputs and AHD compatibility on channels 1 & 2, this can be used with standard caravan cameras or the latest, high-resolution AHD cameras including the Chipatronic dual caravan camera (special adaptor required) and can also be used as a full-time rear-view camera display for use in trade vehicles where rear vision is blocked by equipment or a canopy.

A third, RCA input is available for use with standard Reversing Cameras and is operated by a voltage trigger (usually from the reversing lights) for automatic display from the rear of the vehicle.

AHD mode compatibility means that this monitor can be used with the latest, AHD cameras which are up to 3 times the resolution of older cameras with 1.2MP native resolution which gives the user super clear and bright images with better colour rendition making them vastly more usable than many, traditional vehicle cameras.


The large, high-resolution LCD allows for easy viewing of the image from the camera and as this clips over an existing rear-view mirror, it is mounted in the perfect place for checking what's going on behind without having to drop your eyes from the road.
A coated glass mirror provides effective rear vision when the monitor is not in use.

The cabling included has two 4 pin AV inputs for direct connection to Chipatronic caravan cabling systems or standard AV extension cables plus an RCA connector for a reverse camera.



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