CH-STDAHD5 5" Dash Monitor

CH-STDAHD5 5" Dash Monitor

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The CH-STDAHD5 is a new model with AHD capability which enables the latest, high resolution AHD cameras to be used for superior image quality in comparison to most standard cameras.
AHD cameras are usually much higher in resolution than common cameras and provide clearer, crisper images for better vision but can only be used with compatible monitors such as this model.
This is suitable if replacing an existing monitor as it is compatable with stanbard (CVBS) cameras as well as AHD.

This is a popular monitor for use with caravan cameras and can be mounted on the dash or attached to the windscreen with an optional Suction Cap Mount.
With a quality LCD the images are easy to see yet the monitor is still small enough to not interfere with driver's vision if mounted carefully and with 2 video inputs you can run dual caravan cameras or a reverse camera on the car plus a single caravan camera.

Inputs are standard 4 pin connectors which suit standard extension cables and Chipatronic Caravan Camera systems including dual cameras. 

Adaptors to allow connection of RCA cameras are available if required.

12/24V DC power is required and when standard 4 Pin cameras and cables are used, the camera will get power from the monitor so no further connections are required.





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HCMKIT3 AHD Caravan Camera Kit HCMKIT3 AHD Caravan Camera Kit
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