HCMKIT5DC AHD Caravan Camera Kit

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Caravan cameras are a great way to check what is happening behind you, whether driving on the road or reversing into a space but a single camera is not able to do both without some comprimise. This kit uses two of the Chipatronic Hybrid  Series with AHD technology and different lens angles to offer the best quality video images available, whether driving or reversing.

This is a complete camera & monitor kit from Chipatronic and comes with full cabling from front to back and heavy duty plug and socket connections using a removable curly cable connector which means that there are no plugs left exposed to fall and get full of water or dirt.

The dual camera will suit most vans with a choice of white or black camera and has one wide angle lens for reversing and the other narrow angle lens for constant viewing while driving with the comparison shown below.

Wide angle Vs narrow angle

The cameras are locally assembled and use a very strong, locally made stainless steel bracket and a unique design that allows minute adjustment of each camera as required rather than fixed steps.

The CH-RVMAHD73H monitor clips over the rear view mirror for ease of installation and has a short cable and plug so that it can be removed when not in use. 
This has 2 standard AV inputs for the cameras plus an RCA input so you can also have a reversing camera installed and connected to this as well.

This kit uses our full caravan cabling system to provide strong, reliable connections with metal plugs and sockets which are large enough to grasp firmly mean that connecting and disconnecting is not difficult and these will not be damaged with continued use over long periods and have weatherproof caps to protect exposed parts when not in use.


All kits are supplied locally with 12 months warranty.

Please note that as this is an electrical accessory it is recommended that you have this professionally fitted for safety and assurance of correct fitment.

Selection: HCMKIT5DC AHD Caravan Camera Kit

Product no. CameraColour Colour Lens Camerastyle Status Price
HCMKIT5DC-Black Black Cameras Clear Wide Box
$599.00 *
HCMKIT5DC-White White Cameras Clear Wide Box
$599.00 *
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