MCDV2HD-W2 Motorcycle Dashcam

MCDV2HD-W2 Motorcycle Dashcam

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This is the same system as the popular MCDV2HD-W2G but does not have the GPS included and also has the basic, 3 wire power supply making this model well suited to use on small machines where the location data is not important.

Working exactly the same as our other models, the MCDV2HD-W2 motorcycle dashcam is fitted permanently to your bike (or other small machine) and records continually while this is running so nothing is missed and with two cameras (front - rear) you can check what happened behind you later as well as the front view.

Designed mainly for motorcycles this unit is also suitable for use on similar machines including: jet-skis, ATVs and small construction machinery (excavators & skid-steer loaders) for both recreational and business use where small size, rugged weatherproof construction and automatic operation is required.


The unit is running all the time, from startup to shutdown and with the handlebar controller you can save special files to find easily later.
With Wi-Fi accessibility there is no need to remove the micro SD storage card to check your files, jut log on using your Smartphone and check the system, view recorded files and save these to your phone for access later.


Standard video files can be set to record in loop lengths of 1, 3 or 5 minutes in length and when the storage card is full the oldest files will be recorded over but special files saved using the handlebar controller* or create as an Event file from the G-Sensor will not be deleted. As such it is important to re-format the card on a regular basis after backing up any files required.


* This controller should not be used for novice riders or any rider not fully capable of operating this without taking their hands off the hand grips. The handlebar controller is not required for standard operation and if there is any question on the ability of the rider to use this safely it should not be fitted.

Note: Micro SD card not included


Windows software for viewing recordings with the map info is available for download, click on the link below.

GVP Software Download


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