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On modern vehicles adding electrical accessories can be difficult as it is not possible to just add a new device onto an existing circuit as this may either not work correctly or can cause problems with the vehicle's system. Finding a circuit and connecting a new device can take time and in some cases, be nearly impossible without detailed knowledge of auto electrical systems.

RunSwitch creates an accessory output circuit providing 12-volt power with the engine running and turning off with the key off.

● RunSwitch simplifies any 12-volt accessory installation by quickly and easily connecting the accessory to the battery or any 12-volt constant circuit.
● RunSwitch has an internal LED fuse, which illuminates when power is activated allowing for quick and easy set-up, functional circuit confirmation and diagnostics.
● RunSwitch can be used with 1 or more accessories as long as 7.5 amps is not exceeded.
● When more than 7.5 amps is needed simple, low cost relays can be used.
● Save time and money – RunSwitch can reduce installations time by hours.


If power is required for a time after the ignition is turned off use RunSwitchPlus


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RVMIRKIT Reversing Kit RVMIRKIT Reversing Kit
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Delivery weight: 1 kg
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