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On modern vehicles adding electrical accessories can be difficult as it is not possible to just add a new device onto an existing circuit as this may either not work correctly or can cause problems with the vehicle's system. Finding a circuit and connecting a new device can take time and in some cases, be nearly impossible without detailed knowledge of auto electrical systems.

RunSwitch and RunSwitchPlus creates an accessory output circuit providing 12-volt power with the engine running and turning off with the key off.

RunSwitchPlus provides provides the same functions as the original RunSwitch - quick, easy and cost effective accessory installations


● The programmable Timer Mode extends power delivery to accessories after the engine is turned off.
Battery Saver Mode disconnects the accessory power when the battery level is low ensuring the battery will not fully drain.
● RunSwitch Plus also has an internal LED fuse, which illuminates when power is activated allowing for quick and easy setup, functional confirmation and diagnostics.

The Timer enables the accessory output to remain ON for a predetermined amount of time after the engine is turned OFF.
The Timer delay function is user adjustable from 1 minute to 90 minutes.
Timer Mode is ideal for mimicking CAN BUS shut down times and creating a retained accessory power (RAP) circuit.
Battery Saver Mode enables the accessory output to remain ON after engine is turned OFF.
With Battery Saver Mode the module will automatically monitor the battery charge level, turning output OFF if the battery level falls below a predetermined safe voltage level.

RunSwitch and RunSwitchPlus can be used on any 12V auto electrical system and suits; cars, trucks, motorbikes, ATV, quad-bikes, boats and all other similar systems.


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