X2 Motorcycle Phone Mount with USB Charging

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The X2 phone mount is a simple solution for motorcycles with a secure mounting for most smartphones and has a USB port and power wiring included to allow on-the-go charging (cable required).

As most new smartphones are now water resistant to a degree many riders want the option of having their phone visible but held securely so that features such as navigation can easily be used but also want to have a charging option at the same time so the phone battery is not depleted after a ride.
With the X2 you can have your phone in front of you for checking at a glance and be charging it at the same time using the built-in USB port.


  • Secure 4 point X grip with elastic strap 
  • Rubber grips hold phone securely without damage
  • USB port with rubber cover & On/Off switch
  • Handlebar mount & bolt mount both included
  • Double ball type arm allows easy adjustment
  • Power cable with 1.3m wire for charger




With a double ball type adjustment and 2 different fixing options, the X2 is able to be fitted to almost any motorcycle, quadbike, ATV etc. and can also be used in industrial machines (excavators, loaders etc.) where a strong mount with easy charging facility is required.


The X arms are spring loaded to firmly hold the phone and an elastic rubber strap is included to provide extra security for your expensive smartphone.



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